Grouse Beret & Fingerless Mitts revisited

Grouse Dance Beret in Mineville Wool Project no. 1504. Shade is Magenta and this version is new and features a Rolled edge. 

Rebranding takes time. It seems simple enough, pop in a new logo and you're done, right? Not quite that simple. The whole thing needs a new look which means new fonts, new layout, expansion of sizes for some, tutorials or new options for others, and new samples to knit too!  

I made a gloriously bright new Grouse Dance set for myself in Mineville Wool Project's luscious single ply merino DK. This shade called 'Magenta' is so electric, perfect for the darker days to come. The single ply made it a bit tricky to work with, but the stitch definition is lovely, and it is very soft with a nice bit of loftiness. 

Grouse Dance Beret, back view. the braided cables alternate with half-brioche panels. 

The pattern on the beret pays homage to the spiral, a form that occurs abundantly in nature. Human crafted spirals are apersistent motif across time and cultures. For many, the spiral is a representation of the cyclical nature of life, death, and rebirth. 

One experiential interpretation of the sacred spiral is the Grouse Dance. As we rush about our busy lives, we are reminded that even in the midst of activity, it is at once possible, and necessary, to look within. By doing this, we may remain true to our individual path, and find the peace amidst the din.

You Can see the Cable and Half-Brioche panels here and the way the cables intersect and weave together at the crown. 

In this design, half brioche stitch panels alternate with braided cables which ultimately join in an intricate spiral dance at the crown. Choose the edge style you prefer for the beret, a wider woven cable band, classic ribbing or rolled edge. The matching fingerless gloves feature smaller braided cables, bordered by rick rack lace and smooth stitches along the palms.

Grouse Dance Fingerless gloves made in the now discontinued 'Tapestry' by Rowan. A soy and wool blend DK. Any good quality wool or wool blend DK that knits to gauge can be substituted. Look for a ratio of approximately 120m/50g. 

The beret comes in one size fits most, adjustments can be made up or down by adjusting the tension, i.e. using smaller needles for a smaller size or larger needles for a larger size. The gloves come in 3 sizes. Depending on the yarn choice, there can be a great deal of forgiveness in the sizing here. My original pair made in Shetland DK has been adopted by my husband. I wear the ladies small, and he wears a men's medium. 

Less complicated than it may look, this is a lovely set for yourself, or for someone special. Come, join the dance of life...and remember, always dance, and knit, with joy!

The pattern is available on Ravelry.

Grouse Dance Fingerless Gloves in fluffy Bunny Hare, 90% angora wool. Only 20g is needed to make a pair of these fingerless mitts.