Good Crieff Tea Cozy

The Good Crieff Tea Cozy, the perfect gift for tea lovers. 

There are alot of techniques packed into this little project. At the end of the knitting you'll have a rather elegant cozy that does double duty, keeping your tea hot, and protecting your table or tea-trolley from drips and heat. 

The fullly integrated base with a welted edge keeps your table protected. 

The stitches and techniques used include: working in the round, working flat, ribbing, attached i-cord, garter stitch, half brioche, welts, i-cord, eyelettes, increases, decreases, and short rows. Instructions for working German Short rows are included, as well as the more traditional Wrap and Turn (W&T).

This little cozy has lots of texture and minimal finishing, and don’t we all love that!

Top view of the cozy. This colour of Patons pure wool is a good match for the Stonware teapot that I made a couple of years ago. The heart-shaped spout looks pretty but was not the best design, in functional terms! 

The pattern is written as 'one size'  to fit a 4- 6 cup teapot when made with worsted weight yarn. This is a great place to showcase that skein of handspun yarn.

For a larger pot, choose a thicker yarn; for a smaller pot choose a thinner yarn. Be sure to adjust the needles size to match your yarn choice.

Further information and the pattern can be found for sale here

Spanikopita and tea.

Spanikopita and tea.

I'm not really a pom-pom kind of person, but as you can see in the photo above, the i-cords bare. I think that the fluffy orbs bring the look together. and  they'll keep the tie cord in place. Tassels are another option. By all means, go for the minimalist look with plain i-cord (with the ends woven in), or use a length of special ribbon to pull the top of the cozy snug. 

If you choose the pom-pom option, I highly recommend the Clover brand pom-pom maker. I bought the size small, and it was perfect for this project. Not too big, not too small, just right. 

Crieff, Scotland. This was one view from our flat's expansive balcony.

In case you were wondering about the name 'Good Crieff', well, Crieff is the Scottish town where I was living when I designed the original version of this cozy. It was a lovely place, inhabited by many good and beautiful people. Crieff has a special place in my heart and I cherish the memories made there, and the friends who live there still.  

St. Ninian's, where we lived. 

View from the other end of the balcony.

Find the pattern for how to make your own 'Good Crieff  Tea Cozy here. 

Of course, if you don't drink tea, or if you prefer to use a French Press Style of pot to make your tea or coffee, you may want to check out my Caffeinate! pattern here

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