Nails and polish

I've got this thing about nails.  I notice them, their shape, condition, and most of all cleanliness.  I love beautifully groomed nails, on men and women.  For me, nothing can ruin first impressions faster than unkempt or (ick) dirty nails.  I've always done my own manicures and pedicures with the occasional splurge on a spa treatment. Doing it myself with the proper tools suits me, and my budget.

When I took up pottery a few years ago, it was a real sacrifice to clip all my nails as short as they could go, and they still got in the way when I was throwing clay!  I've been without a place to do pottery for a couple of years now and  I do miss it, but the good news for me is that my nails have finally grown back. They've never been particularly easy to grow to any length at all. I spent many years looking for the magic solution that would stop the peeling and splitting.  I've tried almost everything on that market and have found only one product that really works: Nail Tek II

Wearing Crabtree and Evelyn's 'Mica' in this shot. 

Wearing Crabtree and Evelyn's 'Mica' in this shot. 

I'm sure that using the coordinating base coat called Nail Tek Foundation is also helpful. 

Nail Tek should in no way be confused with the easier to find, at least in Canada, Nailtiques. I've tried that line and had no results. 

Currently, you can order Nail Tek II online from . They offer very reasonable shipping (4.00 in Canada) or free shipping on orders over 29.00. I've ordered from them a couple of times and they are quick to ship and offer a points program. 

Nail colour wheel. All colours are 2 coats.  My all time favourite is no. 9: An Affair in Red Square by OPI. 

I added a nail colour wheel to my last order.  Here are the polishes in my collection listed by number, company name, colour name. 

1.  Zoya, Estelle

2. Crabtree & Evelyn,  Mica

3. Revlon, Pure Pearl

4. Sally Hansen, Champagne Toasts (excellent sheer shimmer for layering) 

5. Revlon, Extravagant

6, NYC, Penn Station Pink

7. Rimmel, Glaston Berry 

8. Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Extreme Wear,  Hot Magenta

9. OPI, An Affair in Red Square ( my favourite of all time!) 

10. OPI, Mod About You (my least favourite - came in a collection package) 

11. OPI, By The Light of the Moon (large silver glitter,) 

12.  My bottle of 'Franken Polish', a mixture of various colours, changing from time to time as new drops of colour are introduced. Right now, a greyed down blush-peach concoction. 

If I had to choose only one polish it would be An Affair in Red Square by OPI.  It is a gorgeous shade of red with a subtle gold shimmer. It suits my light to medium olive skin tone all year round and it wears fantastically well. 

I really should clear out the not so great ones, like numbers 10, 11, and 12, since they, in the words of Marie Kondo, do not 'Spark Joy'.

Have a beautiful day, 


The fabulous blue 'Estelle' by Zoya is becoming a fast favourite of mine. Good coverage in 2 coats and wears very well.