I often get asked what my secrets are for looking good.  While I truly appreciate the compliments, I am always surprised and humbled at the question. I'm pretty self-critical that way. But I guess for being on the far side of 50, I may be doing a few things right.

To that end, I will share some of my favourite products and where to find them online. This is the best optoin for those either living in remote areas of the country where choices are limited,  or for those of us who lead busy lives and who may not have the luxury of shopping in person.

I try my best to shop locally whenever possible, to support Canadian companies, to buy European or Japanese products, and to select the most ethically sourced and manufactured products.  Not all of my choices tick all the boxes, but we try.

I receive no free products (other than complimentary samples with purchase) or any other form of remuneration from any of the companies mentioned here.



Rocky Mountain Soap Company -Canada

Live Clean - Canada 

Dr. Bronner's - USA

MAC's Russian Red, matte lipstick

MAC's Russian Red, matte lipstick

Colour Cosmetics

MAC - Canada

Dr Hauschka - Germany

Pure Anada - Canada

Shiseido - Japan

Marcelle - Canada

Re-connect with Nature 

Get outside, no matter the weather. Dress accordingly and breathe deeply. Feel the sunshine on your face. Let the snowflakes dance on your skin.  Allow the rain to cleanse your soul. 

Travel frequently! 

Colour Cosmetics

MAC - Canada

Dr. Hauschka - Germany

Pure Anada - Canada

Marcelle - Canada

Shiseido - Japan

Protein supplement in Cocoa

Vege Greens in Blueberry


Progressive - Canada

Vege Greens

Harmonized Vegan Protein

Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Juices 

Stay hydrated, drink water, eat and/or drink your veggies! 


Move your body  - Do Yoga, Run, Walk, Dance, Cycle. 

Drink Water - lots of it! 

Use Sunscreen. 

Stay calm and know that there is a higher purpose.

Shiseido's Benefiance - Cleansing Milk, Softening Lotion Enriched, Night Moisturizer, Eye Cream. 


Eminence  - Hungary

Shiseido - Japan

Green Beaver - Canada

Weleda - Germany

Nail Polish

Nailtek II -nail strengthener

OPI - 3 free colour 

Zoya - 5 free colour 


Take time to connect with your breath, quiet the mind, turn inward. Get in touch with the divine within. 


Embrace a meat-free diet. Good for you, good for the planet.

It's not boring at all, in fact, a vegetarian diet is vibrant and delicious! 

Find your happy place and go there as often as you can! This is mine. 

Find your happy place and go there as often as you can! This is mine.