Ustrasana, Camel pose

Ustrasana, Camel pose

Post yoga glow! 

Post yoga glow! 

Currently Scheduled Classes

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Currently I volunteer teach Yoga at the 'Fabulous Fundy Y'.

OK, that's not my local YMCA's real name, but there is such a great energy in this space that it just feels right to call it fabulous.  

On the winter schedule I am offering two classes:

Introduction to Hatha Yoga, 6 weeks

January 10 - February 14, 2017

Never practiced yoga before? Curious? Practiced a little bit, or alot, but not sure if you're doing the poses correctly? This may be the class for you. 

While this class is especially good for beginners, it is also geared to anyone who wants to be sure that they are performing the asanas correctly and safely.

The focus of this class will be on proper alignment for many of the essential asanas.  Since Yoga is about much more than the asanas, will also study the Yamas & Niyamas, Pranayama (breathing), Mantras, and Meditation in the classes. p.s. The class is non-cumulative; if you miss some of them it's ok, you don't have to start at the beginning. 


All Levels Yoga, 6 weeks

February 23 - March 30, 2017

This class is for every body. Men, women, all ages, all levels of experience with Yoga. 

A thorough warm up insures safe practice. Every class will offer a variety of traditional Hatha asansas that strenghten and tone the body. Flexibility of the body and mind is developed.  My classes always include mantras, pranayama, and a touch of Yoga Darshan. These form an integral part of a complete yogic practice.