A Mindful Consumer

I'm not a big shopper. Not really. I try to be a mindful consumer. I read labels.  I care about where the goods I purchase have been made. I look at how far products have travelled in order to get to me. Have the people involved been paid fairly? What is the environmental impact of my choice?  How will this product impact my health and wellness? These are some of the questions that a mindful consumer asks about the products they purchase. Then there is the very simple question: do you actually need it? Not all of my choices tick all the boxes, but we try.

“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” -      William Morris

Products I Like, Use, and Recommend

Click on the company name to go to their website.  I'll be updating and expanding this list regularly so check back often.  If you have a Canadian company you love, let me know! Fill in the form at the bottom of this page, or visit the contact page. 

n.b. I receive no free products (other than complimentary samples with purchase) or any other form of remuneration from any of the companies mentioned here.

Dear L'il Devas :: Yoga clothing 

Yoga clothing made from organic fibres, manufactured in Toronto, Ontario. I have a pair of the 'Thicker Cotton Dream Pants: Loose-Fitting Yoga Pants for Women' in teal blue.  I love them and never fail to get compliments every time I wear these. Order online here.

Progressive  :: Vegan Harmonized Protein & Vege Greens

These are great supplements. Full spectrum nutrition, Canadian made, great taste, job done.  I like the dark chocolate protein powder and the blueberry vege greens. I order these products from either well.ca or supplementscanada.com.

Eminence Organics :: Skincare

Effective Organic Skincare from Hungary.  These are amazing products made from real plants, no fillers, no animal testing, real results. They'll also plant a tree for every product sold.  I've used several of their products and have a few fast favourites. Order online from www.beautysense.ca

Skincare Products for Face & Body

  • Eminence - Hungary
  • Shiseido - Japan
  • Pure Anada - Canada
  • Green Beaver - Canada
  • Rocky Mountain Soap Company - Canada 
  • Live Clean - Canada - shampoo, conditioner, body wash
  • Salux - Japan - Beauty Skin cloth - awesome exfoliation! 

Colour Cosmetics 

  • Pure Anada - Canada
  • MAC - Canada
  • Dr Hauschka - Germany 
  • Sephora - France 
  • Shiseido - Japan 

Hands & Nails - Care & Polish

  • Herbacin - Germany - hand cream 
  • OPI - Nail polish 
  • Zoya - Nail polish 
  • Nail Tek II - foundation (base)
  • Nail Tek II - strengthener & topcoat


  • Progressive - Canada - Harmonized Vegan Protein (chocolate)
  • Progressive - Canada - Vege Greens (blueberry)


Les Galeries LaFayette, Paris

Les Galeries LaFayette, Paris