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Coming in 2017 ::  Video and photo tutorials for Continental Knitting, spinning, dyeing,  sewing, quilting,  and more. 

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Sock Anatomy

A little photo tutorial here to get you started. I worked this up for a friend who wanted to better understand how a sock is made, from the cuff down. 

Raspberry: cuff and leg

Yellow: the heel flap

Orange: the heel turn

Green: the instep

Blue: the foot

White: the toe box 

Cross Lace Photo Tutorial

The cross lace used in my Brigid's Cross design is not too difficult to work, once you know how. Here is a photo tutorial of how to create this open stitch. 

Row 1: (WS): Using a needle one size larger than your current working needle size for this row - a single pointed (straight) needle is better for this than a circular needle. 

Insert the needle in next st as if to purl, wrap yarn around needle 3 times, draw all 3 loops through, lift off needle to complete the p st. Repeat with all sts across the row. 

You can see the wrapped stitches of Row 1 on the bamboo needle (on the left) pictured in photos  D1, D2, and D3.

Row 2: (RS):  Now use your regular sized needle again.

1.Slip the next 6 sts as if to purl onto the right hand needle, dropping the extra yarn overs as you slip each stitch [D1].  You will have 6 elongated sts on the right needle.

2. Now carefully lift the 3 sts on the far right with your left needle, cross them over the 3 sts on the left and keep them on the left needle [D2].

3. Now transfer the 3 remaining loops to the left needle [D3]. Be sure to maintain the correct order of the sts! 

4. Knit each of the 6 elongated stitches in order. Repeat across the row until all sts are used.   

Row 3: (WS) p all stitches.          

Row 4: (RS) k all sts.

The last photo shows the pattern after row 4 is completed. 


Boro style Sashiko - detail.

Boro style Sashiko - detail.

Canadian (and some UK) Online Sources

for Sashiko & Sewing Supplies

Kallisti Quilts- Japanese & African Fabrics, Sashiko supplies

A Threaded Needle - Sashiko supplies and patterns

The Workroom - Japanese & Quilting fabric, many unique supplies! 

More vendors will be added to the list soon!  

In the meantime check this link: 

The Finished Garment for 'the big list' of Canadian fabric stores.